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A few years ago I wanted to play solitaire with a specific combination of rules. I couldn't find a simple solitaire with those rules, so I made my own. You can play it if you want.

You won't be playing it for hours, but it's a relatively small file that starts up quick and if you don't like the hand you're dealt you can just press 'R' to restart.

The game's suits and colours are randomised each time you start the game.

In the "Custom Start" .bat file you can choose how many suits you want to play with: the default is 3. 2 is usually impossible and anything more than 5 is both too easy and too hard to read (the cards get smaller when there's more of them).

A secret feature of custom start is that you can type two numbers separated by a space to choose both the number of suits and the number of spaces that the cards deal out into. This can create some interesting/annoying combinations: try it!

My mum's really good at solitaire and she says she likes it. 


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