You have to press keys to choose what type of thing to shoot, then you have to shoot it at a thing to live. Kind of.

... it is possible that other things will happen in the game as well, but who knows? This is the opposite of a description.

This game was made for the Yogscast Game Jam 2021, I also made a game for Jingle Cats in the same year:

In terms of development, I started making this game the day before I started a new job, and I worked all day and then passed out every day between then and when the game was done (so did not have a lot of time in total to make it!). Ultimately I think it was fun to make, although not much of a game, depending on what you expect out of it.


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This game is a true masterpiece, definitive of a generation.
This may well be the origin story of hit 90's show CatDog.