This application allows you to spin various wheels to randomly choose things from those wheels, as well as keep track of two little things that say "HORSE" (first one to "HORSE" becomes a horse now, I don't make the rules).

I have just added an HTML version as a demo: please use the downloadable version instead I hate the HTML version.

Features include:

  • Wheel, that really spins!
  • Another wheel (times three).
  • Customisable amount of wheels: hypothetically unlimited wheels.
  • Customisable contents of those wheels: hypothetically unreadably small writing on the wheels (if that's what you like).
  • A secret cheat button that lets you have the wheel stop where you like (unsuspiciousness NOT guaranteed).
  • A log that tells you the results of the past 15 spins (I figured 15 was enough).
  • Two little HORSE trackers (actually go up to HORSESHOES, what you use them for is up to you).
  • Technically saves time vs copy-pasting into an existing web-browser wheel spinner.

If you're interested in playing a game of TABS Horse with this please let me know if you release a video of it, and if there are any specific features you'd like me to add 😊.

Credit for the default lists goes to:

If I chose to update this, I expect I would add mobile-browser/touch screen support. It could have a point counter... but I'd have to write down all the point costs from TABS.


Download 4 MB

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